Egyptian Football Federation to investigate young players

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Egyptian Football Federation Prepare to investigate the stars of the distant future. After being complain of harassment by a female hotel employee during the Olympics.

A 23-year-old high-speed winger Abdel Rahman Magdi, a member of the Egyptian 2020 Olympic team. Allegedly harassed a Japanese employee. at a hotel in Tokyo. Which although referred to deny that it is a misunderstanding. But in the end. The name cut from the team. From the second game of the group stage

Recently, the Egyptian Football Federation (EFA) issued a statement. The incident will be investigate immediately. After all the team return to their hometown. The player will be temporarily banned until the investigation is final.

“While the team was in Japan We have received complaints that Abdel Rahman Magdi misbehaved. with the female staff in the hotel We have removed this player from the team. Since the game against Argentina Although he insisted that it was not intentional. And it is possible that this may be due to a misunderstanding. due to differences in language and culture.”

“However We will investigate immediately. After returning to Egypt and decide that Abdel Rahman would be temporarily banned. Until the investigation is complete. A spokesman for the Egyptian Football Federation said.

For the Egyptian national team, the 2020 Olympics, can only go as far as the quarter-finals. After losing to Brazil, narrowly lost 0-1 on Saturday.