Brazilian volleyball player reveals why he’s wearing a mask

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Lucas Sutkamp, ​​Brazilian volleyball player Revealed that the decision to wear a mask to compete in the Olympics was because he wanted to protect his family. His 5-year-old son in Brazil still needs a ventilator due to a respiratory problem. And did not want his newly born wife and daughter to be at risk when he returned. 

​​Brazilian volleyball Lucas Sutkamp don’t want to be a role model for wearing masks. My only focus is on protecting myself and my family. Not a role model for anyone.” Lucas also revealed that he contracted coronavirus in January. In the past, he had a fever and headache, but it was not severe. and even trying to be careful including vaccinating before coming to the race But he still decided to wear a mask to play. He didn’t receive any criticism. because try not to read too much social media Wearing a mask doesn’t affect your form on the pitch. 

This helped the Brazilian reach the semi-finals against the ROC. “For me, volleyball is different from any other sport. We have more time to breathe. It’s not like running or football. For me it was not uncomfortable at all.”