“Romano” hints at the launch date of Varaan with Manchester United

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Romano hints at the launch date of Varaan with Manchester United. famous Italian movie guru Reveals the official launch date of “Varun” and the red devil, believes no later than the beginning of next week, will definitely lift the shirt.

The move between Manchester United and Rafael Varane has reached an agreement to pay the fee. “White King” Real Madrid already at around 42 million pounds, and the player has bid farewell to the club’s president Florentino Perez, as well as his Royal teammates last weekend. Before moving to football in the Premier League

Until recently, Fabrizio Romano, famous football guru. Revealed via private social media that Varane is schedule to arrive in England on Monday. To undergo a medical examination and final negotiations with Manchester United, which if nothing goes wrong. An official launch is expect. Within this Tuesday for sure.

While on a personal contract. Varan is expect to earn around £180,000 a week (about 8.1 million baht) under a four-year contract. Plus the option to extend the contract for another year.