Harry Kane not reported training with Tottenham

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Media elite unfold why Harry Kane Agee reported training with Tottenham Hot Spurs. Because they have confined at home after returning from vacation in the list to be detained in England.

Daily Mail said in media reports that the England striker Harry Kane Tottenham Hot Spurs must follow the rules of detention do not have to report to practice with. “Chicken Golden Spikes” which will return to practice at the latest early next week.

The 28-year-old spear was heavily rumor to move the ufabet team. After being refer to as saying that he wants to play in the Champions Cup Continuous league. And want a champion to decorate some prestige By the past being link with Manchester City hard, but Daniel Levy, chairman of “Golden Spikes Chicken” insisted that he did not want to let the good spearhead this summer. But if there is no choice, it must be worth not less than 150 million pounds (about 6,600 million baht).