Gerrard clearly wants to see Young’s contract with Villa

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Aston Villa manager Steven Gerrard wants to continue working with veteran winger Ashley Young next season. And hope that the players will renew the new contract

Young, 36, is out of contract with Aston Villa at the end of the season. After moving from Inter Milan without a fee in the summer of last year. It’s a short-term, one-year contract at Villa Park. Gerrard said: “I told Ash, it was clear I wanted him to stay. Negotiations have already taken place.”

“The key to this has always been with the players. He has to be happy, want to stay, be ready to negotiate and have his representative contact the club.” “There is still a lot to talk about. There’s nothing to rush But I will make it clear that we are very happy with him.” Young, who plays as a full-back and winger for Aston Villa, has made 23 appearances this season. It was 11 games in the starting line and 12 games ufabet on the bench. Still haven’t scored a goal.

“The key to this will always be the player. He has to be happy, want to stay, negotiate and have his people connect to the club.

“There’s still a lot to discuss and there’s no rush but I’ll make it clear that we’re very happy with him.”

Former England international Young has made 23 appearances for Villa this season, including 11 starts.

Villa are 15th in the Premier League on 37 points with six matches left.